Meridith Centre

Important Message

August 18th, 2014 -- For information about the temporary closure of the Meredith Centre arena, please click here.

Vision: Enhance the wellbeing of the community through the development of recreation and culture and to foster and support our community spirit and our sense of belonging as residents of Chelsea

Guilding Philosophy

Our philosophy of Seven Generation Thinking, modeled respectfully on the tradition and decision process of the First Nations People. It means that everything we undertake must be sustainable for many generations, including the needs of all members of the community from the youngest children to our respected elders.


Our first, strategic goal was to acquire land in the centre of Chelsea Village and adjacent to existing community infrastructures – a central park or commons for all.

Our second goal was building a new recreation centre to meet the needs of the community - filling gaps in existing sport, recreation, and cultural facilities, and operating in all seasons.


We are proud of our many successes. Over the last ten years we have acquired 21 acres of prime land in the heart of Chelsea through a generous donation from the Meredith family. Our vision is to use this land to create a space for the "heart and soul" of Chelsea for this and future generations.

Generous individuals, families and businesses have directly contributed over $200,000 towards our goals; these contributions are equaled or surpassed by the countless hours of volunteer time, professional services and work given in kind by local volunteers from all corners of the community.


Over the last ten years, hundreds of members of the community have been directly involved in the Foundation’s Board, Committees, work parties, communications, events, and fundraising. They are from all segments of the community: professionals, business leaders, executives, community and sports groups, retirees, and members of recent and historic Chelsea families. In recent years we have developed a strong partnership with the Municipality of Chelsea and together we are moving forward towards achieving one of the Foundation’s long-term dreams: the construction of the Meredith Centre.